McKleens Dry Cleaning of Watertown Laundry Pick-up and Drop off Services

Laundry Drop-off

Drop-off services include washing, drying, folding and packaging.  How It Works:
Just drop off your laundry, Call us or Text 860-274-9251 any time during business hours and we will pick up and weigh your order and begin processing it immediately. Our normal turnaround is 24 hours, but we are happy to rush your order for a small additional fee. Large, special-handling items like comforters are charged by the piece. We take great pride in the care of your laundry and will wash, dry, fold, and package your laundry to the highest standards.  We can handle your BIG jobs! Comforters,
quilts, and blankets too large for your washer at home? Simply drop off your items and we’ll do the rest or call us and we will come and get it, and that saves you time AND money! Our friendly, experienced staff at Mckleans Dry Cleaning will take great care of your laundry:

  • ● Washing only your items (we NEVER combine your laundry with another customer’s)
  • ● Identifying the washing requirements of each item
  • ● Separating by color, temperature, and degree of agitation
  • ● Pre-treating stains
  • Using first-rate stain removers, detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets
  • ● Following your special instructions and preferences (such as using your own soap or a specific fabric softener)
  • ● Drying and neatly folding
  • ● Sorting by family member (if requested)
  • ● Accepting credit cards for payment